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Listen to the On the Media podcast titled “A Skeptic’s Guide to Health News and Diet Fads“ (link below). On this particular show, they feature a segment on the rampant exaggerations, deceptions and outright lies flourishing across the health media landscape.  After listening to the podcast, find an article that discusses a “scientific finding” on social media or the web (ex: news headlines). It would be great if you could find something related to human sexual behavior but it is not required. Based on what you learned from the podcast, what do you think about the “scientific finding” you found? Do you feel that the authors have provided sufficient evidence to support their claim? Why / why not?


In addition to discussing the validity of the “scientific finding”, you should discuss what you have learned from this assignment. Remember to tie material from class into your response providing appropriate in-text citations where applicable. Your response should be 1 full page, double spaced. Be sure to proof your work for spelling and grammar errors before submitting.