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Articles should be related to Human Resources Management/Development. I also need to have access to the articles, I can find it but If I can’t have access would like to request for copies if you can attach it here.

RESEARCH QUESTION: How to maximize use of corporate e-learning to promote high performing employees?
  1. Introduction – Describe the problem, include why it is important to study, explain gap in research.
  2. Literature Review – Summary, synthesis, and critique of literature. Discuss what is the theoritical framework for the proposed study.
  3. Methodology and Method: (This should be the longest part about 3 pages ) – Describe research design, data collection methods, and data analysis methods in detail. I am thinking Qualitative Research approach and the participants should be employees who are required to do quarterly computer-based training and yearly training, HRD experts in skills and talent development.
  4. Expected Results – Discuss expected potential result from the study that would answer research question. Provide rationale that is supported by previous research.
  5. Implications – Discuss potential implications for Human Resources Development practice, theory, or HRD research.