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I am required to respond to a total of three questions (atttached the template) regarding your understanding of the main theories in the field of HRM, as well as your awareness of how they may be applied in practice, including how they shape the development of your own skills. All answers need to be in the style of an essay.


Citing relevant examples for businesses, explain the strategic importance of Performance Management system. Can you describe the performance management system that you experienced during the semester with the HRM subject? What strengths and weaknesses did you witness?



Every company has rules, guidelines, codes of conduct, and values statements aiming to guarantee its commitment to ethical management. Despite this, ethical scandals keep happening in every industry and sector. Besides, people may hold widely divergent normative approaches to make ethical decisions. Citing examples, explain what role (if any) can HRM practitioners play? Do you think ethics is a ‘managers’ matter or ALL adult human beings have a responsibility for it in organisations?



Based on Kelly’s guest lecture from Adecco group as well as the key points discussed in week 12, what skills do graduate students need nowadays to succeed in their career? In what way (if any) have you developed these skills while studying the HRM subject? How are you planning to continue sharpening these skills?