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Human Growth and Development
You must submit your paper as a Microsoft Word document to the SafeAssign submission link.
Requirements include:
  • Title page and reference page (an abstract is NOT required)
  • A maximum of 3 pages of content (excluding the title page and reference page)
  • Current APA format for all elements within the paper:
    • Double-spaced
    • 12-point, Times New Roman font
This assignment utilizes the SafeAssign originality tool. Upon submission, SafeAssign will generate an originality report that detects plagiarism. This report will be sent to your instructor.
In order to prepare you for the major paper in which you develop your personal theory of human development, in Response Paper 2, you are to discuss your thoughts on the following questions:
  • Describe how the cognitive perspective explains lifespan development, What aspects do you agree with, disagree with, question, etc.?
  • Describe how the humanistic perspective explains lifespan development. What aspects do you agree with, disagree with, question, etc.?
  • Do any of these clash with your personal faith beliefs? if so, how can you resolve the apparent contradiction?
  • Have you changed your thoughts on anything you wrote in Response paper 1?
Development Across the Life Span
Chapters 7 and 8.