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In preparation for developing your posting:

1)    Read the documents provided.

2)    Review the PowerPoints provided.

Attached will be the login to access the resource

History, for me, is all about the HUMAN EXPERIENCE. I want to know who sparked these events, how they were effected, how others were effected, and how we, in the 21st century, are still effected by their decisions and actions.

This week’s materials are all about revealing the human experience, the sufferings at the hands of others, and how, when possible, they helped each other survive and thrive.


1) Create a conversation starter with your fellow students.

2) Pose questions that can lead to further discussions.

Remember, do not treat these discussions as a worksheet. Your initial posting answered the questions in isolation instead of using them as inspiration to create a conversation starter. I should see the connections in your thoughts.!!!


What is your reaction to these readings and video?  Support your opinions using educated ideas.

What, in particular, struck you while reading the provided sources?

What does “An act concerning Servants and Slaves” essentially say? Who suffers the most and who suffers the least under this act?

What struck you the most about Sarah Grosvenor and Amasa Sessions?

How do the events surrounding Sarah Grosvenor and Amasa Sessions serve as a “reminder of the historically distinctive ways in which socialized gender roles, community and class solidarity, and legal culture combine in each set of generations to excuse or make invisible certain abuses and crimes against women”? (quote by Cornelia Hughes Dayton)

What does Benjamin Franklin’s letter reveal to us? How were women viewed and treated?

These readings reveal the foundation of control and fear that was built upon by the following generations to “keep women in their place.”