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How tv and media affects children

The second part of my essay. Write about Children’s tv and media causes and effects and pros and cons. How it affects kids. It’s supposed to be six pgs long but I only need 3 pgs. The pick up of the body and the conclusion. I WILL ATTACH THE FIRST PART OF MY ESSAY AND PLEASE PICK IT UP FROM THERE!

  • Introduction

-Thesis statement— What is the role of Media in Children’s lives?

-the purpose of the research paper—is children’s television and how it in-packs children’s lives.

  • Body

-Strong argument— children’s behavior and mentally

-strong argument — Tv samples

-strong argument— Are there more pros or cons?

  • Conclusion

-summary of arguments —Good or bad effect on children?


include works cited at the bottom. Give source information, cite, use the source and explain it. use ellipse for quotes and brackets. use in-text citation.