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how to use a loop control variable

In this assignment, you will be analyzing how to use a loop control variable, create
nested loops, avoid common loop mistakes, use constants with arrays, search an array
for an exact match, and use parallel arrays.
Complete the following programming exercises:
1. Write pseudocode for a program that will record weather-related data for any
month or months.
a. Input could be month name(s)
b. for loop inputs could be:
i. High and low temperatures
ii. Precipitation
iii. Humidity
2. A plant that makes iron profiles has a lot of “n” pieces. Create a program that
asks you to enter the quantity of pieces to be processed by keyboard and then
enter the length of each profile; knowing that the piece whose length is in the
range of 1.20 and 1.30 are suitable. Print on screen the quantity of suitable
pieces in the batch.
3. In a company work n employees whose salaries range between $ 100 and $ 500,
create a program that reads the salaries that each employee receives and report
how many employees receive between $ 100 and $ 300 and how many receive
more than $ 300. In addition, the program must report the amount the company
spends in salaries to staff.
4. Make a program that allows you to load two lists of 15 numbers each. Inform with
a message which of the two lists has a greater cumulative value (messages “List
1 major”, “List 2 major”, “Equal lists”).
CIS216 – Programming Principles
Loops and Arrays
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5. It is intended to read all the employees of a company – located in a COMPANY
file – and at the end of reading the file, shows the following message “there are
## workers over 65 years of age ” (## is the number of workers that are over 65
years old).
6. A weather station provides a couple of daily temperatures (maximum, minimum)
(it is not possible for either or both temperatures to be 9 degrees). The end
temperature pair is 0, 0. Create a program that determines the number of days,
whose temperatures have been provided, the maximum and minimum averages,
the number of errors – temperatures of 9 ° – and the percentage they
7. Write the pseudocode to produce a bill for cell phone charges. Data fields will
include date, number called, number of minutes, and cost (rate × minutes). Data
should be loaded into an array. Include totals for the number of minutes and cost.
8. Each student of a degree in Computer Science has grades corresponding to
eight different subjects and may not have a grade in any subject. Each subject
corresponds to a certain coefficient. Write a pseudocode to calculate the average
of each student.
a. Modify the algorithm to obtain the following means:
i. class general
ii. of the class in each subject
iii. Percentage of absences (not submitted for examination)
9. An airplane has one hundred and eighty seats, of which sixty are “non-smokers”
and numbered from 1 to 60 and one hundred and twenty seats numbered from
61 to 180 “smoker”. Design a pseudocode that allows the reservation of seats on
the plane and stops half an hour before the departure of the plane, at which time
the waiting list will open.
10.Given the name of a series of students and the grades obtained on an exam,
calculate and print the average grade, as well as each grade and the difference
with the average.
• Show your work in a Word document.
o Include all your work for each question.
o You can include screenshots of work done on paper.
• For all justification exercises, reme