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how to develop a focused researchable problem.

 Create a presentation to graduate students in which you walk them through how to develop a focused researchable problem.

The problem statement articulates a concise and focused research problem that is situated within your topic area. Your problem must come from a critical issue that must be addressed; otherwise, negative consequences will occur or continue. The problem statement also must be supported with current (published within the last five years) and relevant scholarly research that documents the existence of a problem worthy of doctoral-level research. Note that this is a first round of developing a research problem, and you will receive feedback from your professor for purposes of revision and improvement. You will eventually need to take that refined problem statement from this presentation and incorporate it into the final prospectus that you submit in Week 8.

Here is the problem Statement : There is a gap in the literature pertaining to the relationship of organizational culture and instructor’s perception and challenges when adopting e-learning methodology, and because there is a fundamental paradigm shift, it is important that instructors make sure they are reaching their goals and students are learning the material.


Instructors in the past did not have to wear as many hats. Whereas currently most instructors have an online component. This means instructors are now course designers, facilitators and lecturing students. Principally, students play more of a role then instructors do in online discussions, blogs, and problem based learning. Instructors are essentially facilitators, they guide students to reach learning outcomes, while the students’ role has shifted to more of an active learner (Allen & Seaman, 2007). Preparing for online courses compared to face-to-face courses requires a lot more effort and time. More tools will allow instructors to have a better undertaking and leverage challenges that they or their students may have. Again, instructor’s challenges and perceptions of instruction and organizational culture is not well-documented (Stacey & Gerbic, 2008). 

Your presentation should follow this format:

  • Title slide
    • This title should accurately and appropriately capture your proposed study’s keywords and give the reader a good clue as to the topic of the study.
  • Overview slide
    • Present the general issue, supported by relevant research citations, that builds a case for further research.
  • Problem information
    • Identify the specific problem you wish to address. The documented problem may be a practical problem or issue in the profession or study context without an acceptable solution.
    • Make sure to include relevant citations. In your speaker notes, ensure to make clear how the proposed problem will inform educational practice.
  • Research gap
    • In defining the problem, a clear discrepancy must be drawn between what exists currently and what is desired. Although an applied study design does not necessarily require generalizability beyond the study site, research-worthy problems must be relevant and documented beyond any particular study site. You can expand on this in your speaker notes.
  • Problem statement
    • For this slide, create the single sentence statement by completing the following sentence: The problem the proposed study seeks to address is …
    • The statement is no more than 250-300 words. It indicates the need for the study and describes the issue or problem to be studied.
    • In your speaker notes, explain your process of arriving at this problem statement and what factors informed your choices.
  • Significance of study
    • To identify and articulate a problem, you will also need to consider the potential negative consequences to the field or stakeholders if the proposed research is not conducted. This contributes to the potential significance of the study.
    • For this slide, state clearly and concisely who will be negatively impacted if the problem is not addressed/ In your speaker notes, you can expand on this.

Length: Minimum 5 slides, not including title and reference slides. Speaker notes must be a minimum of 150 words per slide

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources; you may include those from Week 1 assignment as well as additional scholarly resources as relevant

Your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your work should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.