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how sociologists use theories to consider social problems.

This week you encountered some important sociological theories and discussed how they can be used to explain and address various societal issues. You might recognize how some of these theories could apply in the groups and communities you are a part of.

In this assignment, you’ll be given a work scenario in which you’re asked to explain sociological theories and how they can be used to address an issue in the workplace. This assignment allows you to demonstrate how sociologists use theories to consider social problems.

Before you begin, look at the assignment rubric so you’re aware of the requirements, and be sure to reach out to your instructor if you have any questions.


Your employer has asked you and several members of your team to investigate a social problem that is having an increasingly negative influence on the success of your organization (you may use the organization you work for now or choose one in your career field of interest). Your role as a team member is to investigate and present sociological theories that will help others consider a way to approach the social problem that the organization faces.

To prepare for the presentation, take the following steps:

  1. Select 1 sociological theory you think will best address the issue facing your organization.
  2. Select 1 social problem relevant to your organization, and prepare to share the following in your presentation:
  • Identify the organization and summarize the social problem and its effect on the organization.
  • Identify a relevant sociological theory and 1 or 2 theorists associated with the theory.
  • Summarize the theory’s perspective and explain why it is relevant to the social problem facing your organization.
  • Explain how your organization might use the theory to approach understanding and solving the social problem.


Create a presentation in 6- to 8-slides introducing sociological theory to your teammates.


Include a title slide and speaker notes for each main slide.