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How MSN education program supports career plans at Uhealth Tower in 3-5 years.

his writing is focused on how the degree program I’m pursuing will support career plans at UHealth tower in 3-5 years. The Master of Science in Specialization in Nurse Educator program will help encourage and motivate the following nurses.

As the Uhealth is moving through Magnet, a higher level of education is in demand to provide the excellence of patients’ care. Achieving the master’s in nursing will give me the skills and critical thinking required at hospitals in all settings. In addition, it will enhance and sharpen the leadership qualities that our organization needs. The organization will be happy and proud to have someone who grows up with them, knows the system, the process, and supports their goals. Additionally, growing knowledge will significantly impact our patients and nurses. We are working as a team educating the new urses to achieve their purposes, helping them in decision-making skills and leadership qualities.

This degree program will help me gain trust and confidence to work with the interdisciplinary team of UMH Educators and Research departments. My MSN will support the U in achieving the organizational objective and making the difference.