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The paper will explore a specific issue in media and society. You should refer to the ebook chapters and information, as well as communication theories we have discussed (or that you know from other readings). You may use other sources to support your ideas, though you should be the primary voice in the paper. The purpose of the assignment is to have you think through an issue and demonstrate in your writing your ability to process the information and present it in a nuanced, sophisticated manner.
Topics may stem from the questions at the ends of the UMinn ebook chapters or may come from the following list.
  • Choose  how media has affected body image issues such as physical and mental health as well as cultural/social values
  • How has one form of current media (or technology) affect literacy and media consumption?
  • Pick one aspect of a traditional media form (for example, books) and discuss how that part of the form influences our lives and how it is controlled by others.
  • Expand on the midterm discussion topics (for example, the status quo), by applying the ideas to a single aspect of media (or communication technology).
  • Select one way (or one form of media) that has directly affected your life and explore that topic, beyond your own life. How does it affect time, values, perspectives, expectations, etc.?
  • Use discussion topics from this website: (only use information that applies to topic from chapters 1-7)