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The paper is on How is the Department of Homeland Security effected by money laundering through cryptocurrency.

15 pages in length (not including cover/title page, list of references, or any appendices).
The narrative must be clear, concise, and logically organized, with correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.
All acronyms, abbreviations or technical terms must be defined clearly when first introduced.
Minimum of 10 appropriate scholarly or official sources used. Appropriate sources include books, peer-reviewed journal articles, statutes or congressional testimony, executive orders or directives, and official Web sites, reports, plans, white papers, policies, standards, strategies or guidelines by government agencies, think-tanks, associations, etc. Articles in trade journals or popular media (e.g., magazines, newspapers, etc.) may also be used on a limited basis to supplement or reinforce scholarly sources. Wikipedia and blogs are not acceptable sources. The required textbook for this course should not be cited or included as a source. If oral interviews are considered, these must be described in the proposal and approved in advance. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and will result in penalty grades for this assignment and the course.
All in-text source citations and bibliography/list of references must be consistent throughout the paper.
Graphs, tables, charts, maps and appendices are not required, but may be included if necessary or helpful. If included, these must be clearly and consistently labeled, and must be referred to within the narrative to establish relevance.
The paper must display your grasp and application of key concepts from this course, along with evidence of your own analysis, evaluation, and critical thinking regarding the issues addressed in your pape