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You will create a 15 slides PowerPoint Presentation (the cover slide and Works Cited Slide do not count) that covers how important elements of The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow are interwoven into Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun.” You must go back and review your questions and the videos to pinpoint a minimum of 5 examples and show how they are interwoven in the play by using examples of characterization, examples of symbolism, and examples of the setting.In laymen terms, What 5 things did you identify from the videos? List them

Now, how are they interwoven into Hansberry’s use of characterization, symbolism, and setting of the play? 

Here is an example: Jim Crow is interwoven in the jobs Walter, Ruth, and Mama have. Provide an example from the play that supports this belief. Now, explain it.

Another example where Jim Crow is visible in Hansberry play is through Walter’s desire for a liquor store. On page… Walter state,” provide the quote”. Now, explain.

Slides Must-Haves (Use a readable font and color, use a creative but appropriate background

   .Quotes and paraphrases from all Acts of the Play-you must use quotes. Support your stance. You must use information from the video. Refer to the Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Announcement to cite information from a video
   .Examples of Characterizations (Walter Lee Younger, Ruth, Lena, Beneatha
   .Examples of Symbolism
   .Examples of Setting

*You must offer an analysis for each example you provide. Make your you thoroughly explain your example.

You must include a cover slide which does not count towards your 15 slides of content.

The 17th slide will be the Works Cited Slide

Avoid waiting until the last minute to complete your work. Your work must be your own. Plagiarism results in automatic failure.

Your assignment is due April 17, 2022, by 11:59pm EST. This is your last assignment.