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how hospitals prepare and train volunteers

APA has several key elements- A title page, an abstract, specific formatting for section headings (the headings should be a brief 2-3 content-related phrase that indicates content of the section and organizes the paper), in-text citation, and a reference page.

Make the Level one section headings content related rather than the question #

Remove the running head. Add a place holder for the abstract

Question #4 from Chapter 4:

You have been asked to determine how hospitals prepare and train volunteers. Because you know relatively little about this subject, how will you find out? Be specific as possible.

Question #5 from Chapter 5:

When Nike introduced its glow-in-the-dark Foamposite One Galaxy sneakers, fanatics lined up at distributors around the country. As crowds became restless, jockeying for position at the front of increasingly long lines for the limited-supply shoes, Footlocker canceled some events. It’s been suggested that Nike should sell its limited-release introductions online rather than in stores to avoid putting its customers’ safety in jeopardy. What sample group would you suggest Nike use to assess this suggestion?