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Question: How far did the American Civil War improve the civil rights for African-Americans between 1861-1968?
What it must include :
-This essay must be fully analytical, have balanced arguements, keep linking back to the question throughout with specifc/precise evidence to back up.
– Basically Evaluating   Change and continuity (the continuity will be the counter arguement to each arguement)

– Be within the time frame and written in the correct time frame

-Arguements/paragraphs/points are well spaced out within the time frame in chronological order and no large gaps please.
-Basically addressing the the question at the start and end of every paragraph.
-Please include bibliography, footnotes, appendices, webliography
-3 primary sources to evaluate
-Define, criteria, judgement
Have two academic historian views
-Analyse them (context/limitations)
Have/write about three major themes
(For example for each of themes 1,2 and 3, in the paragraph include:
-Cover the whole time period (events and incliude materials from across the time period)
-Evaluate the change across the time
-Include evaluation of source for value
-Reach mini conclusion and make sure to link back to the question please
Reach overall judgement
Thank you.