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How Educational Informational Technology can be used as an Equilibrium Tool for Special Needs student and Lower Needs Minorities

Create presentation justifying how your selected theoretical framework fits within the capstone research you plan to conduct. You should use the media tool within NCUOne to complete the assignment; instructions are provided in this week’s resources. Your presentation will be measured on your ability to articular why your selected theoretical framework supports your planned research. Specifically, your focus should be on:

  • The topic area you plan to research
  • The theoretical framework you have selected to support your research
  • The process you used to identify that theoretical framework
  • Why the specific theoretical framework you selected is the right one for your grounding research
  • Any other relevant information that justifies your selected theoretical framework

Length: 7 to 10-minute narrated presentation with 25-40 words per slide using main keywords and phrases only

References: Include at least three appropriate references that support the information shared in your presentation in a final slide or visual, displaying your references in APA format.