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How does anorexia during puberty influence fertility of women?

For this assignment, students will produce an annotated bibliography. The bibliography will summarize, analyze, and evaluate a minimum of three sources (with full references) with a view to using them in their final essay.

The bibliography must be organized alphabetically and in the APAv7 style.

Total word count is 700 words.

The annotated bibliography should contain:

The name of the author(s); date of publication; complete bibliographical information according to APAv7 guidelines.

Students must then summarize the thesis statement and relevant key ideas. They may want to include a discussion of the source’s evidence, structure, the author(s) context, and so on. What students deem to be relevant in the summary is dependent on their proposed focus for the final essay. Conclude the summary with a few sentences evaluating the source’s argument and relevance for your own essay question/ideas.

Here is an example of the required format:

Zinczenko, D. (2002, November, 23). Don’t Blame The Eater. The New York Times.

(paragraph 1) A summary of all the most important points from the article in your own words.

(paragraph 2) Describe how this source will help you write your Research Paper. For example, you can use the following template: “In particular, Zinczenko’s distinction between …. provides an invaluable context for my own interest in the link between health issues, lifestyle, and the availability of food types.. It will allow me to argue that …”

Here is some further information on how an annotated bibliography can be successfully written:


My topic is, How does anorexia during puberty influence fertility of women? You need to find 3 good sources that support my research question and that i can then use for my final essay.