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How disability affects life opportunities

you will provide an intersectional analysis in which you will first, demonstrate your correct understanding of intersectionality. Then, you will examine the multiple social categorizations that have been part of your life, such as, your race/ethnicitygenderclass levelsexualityage, and/or disability, to explain how a combination of these have affected your life opportunities.

  • Include the item number and copy and paste over full item details/prompt above each of your responses.
  • Save your completed assignment only as a PDF, Word document, or on Google Docs to upload and submit it through this assignment page. Do not use HEIC or .pages files to save your work to submit.
  1. In at least four detailed sentences and in your own words, correctly describe what intersectionality means based on what you learned from the modules presented up to this point. (5 points)
  2. Intersectionality was specifically addressed for the various ethnic and racial groups that were focused on in Modules 3 and 4. Choose one example of intersectionality that was described within these modules regarding one of the groups. In at least six sentences and in your own words, summarize the important details of the intersectionality example you chose. Then, explain why you chose this particular example. Why is this example important for us/society to know about? (10 points)

2A. Optional Extra Credit: Choose another example of intersectionality from the modules mentioned above or from another credible source. In at least five sentences, summarize the important details of the second intersectionality example you chose. Then, explain why you chose this particular example. Provide a link to the source here if the example did not come from our course modules. (Up to 5 points can be earned for this E.C.)

  1. In at least 10 sentences, respond to the following:
  • Describe in detail who you are as it relates to the various social categorizations that have been part of your life, such as: your race/ethnicity, gender, class level, sexuality, age, and/or disability (choose at least three categories in your description of who you are). Include any background information regarding your family history, upbringing, and etc.
  • Then, provide a personal intersectional analysis in which you examine and explain how any of the combinations of your social categories have affected your life experiences and levels/types of opportunities so far. Provide ample details and examples in your explanation. (Both bulleted items under #3 combined are worth 20 points.)
  1. In at least six sentences, explain what awareness you gained from your responses for this particular assignment. In detail,  describe what you can do or plan to do with the awareness you have gained from this assignment. (10 points)
  2. Correct Writing Guidelines: This is not an item to respond to, just a reminder that correct writing guidelines include: correct spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. Points will be deducted for overall errors.(10 points)