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Instructions : Visiting an area= 2 to 3 pages, with pictures and a selfie standing in front of a building or sign
to prove that you actually went to the area — pictures may be sent to me by email as long as I get them on the
due date or included with your report- (any report without pictures or proof you went to the area will not receive
extra credit points) Written reports should be 2-3 typed pages with sources listed on the last page. These
must be written in your own words. No extra credit points will be given for “Copy and Paste reports
1. Become a citizen scientist- Here is one organization you can join and take part in observations. Ex: taking
pictures of different trees in your neighborhood. (Links to an external site.) Pick a
project and start gathering data. You can do this easily with social distancing around your neighborhood. Or
find another organization and join. For the extra credit- you must send me a power point of at least ten
observations, where the picture was taken, type of whatever you are collecting, a summary of your experience
and how it your actions are improving the environment
2. Make a power point report about how covid-19 is effecting the animals around the world and what we are
learning from this. (12 slides = 7-8 must include pictures)
3. Visit or Report on the Katy Prairie Conservancy. Directions and info
preserve/ (be sure to check the hours, there are several events you can attend see their calendar)
 If you attend an event, report on what happened and what you did. If you are not able to attend an event –
visit the area and learn all you can. Report on what the Conservancy is all about and why it is important.
4. Visit or report the Cistern and the Water Works in Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston. Report about what you
learned Hours and info.
5. Visit: Armand Bayou Nature Center. Check the hours and info.
 Report about what you learned, and the importance of this place. Attach the ticket to your report.
6. Visit Levy Park in Houston. Why is this park needed? What improvements have been made?
 See the website for hours and info.
7. Find an environmental current event and make a short power point. Must have 10-15 slides and have
 my approval before doing this project.
8 Report on Houston’s air pollution
9. Find out how many oil spill occurred last year. Where were some of the spills? Why did they happen, etc.
10. Suggest a topic you would like to report on or visit GET MY APPROVAL before you begin.

I want number 2.