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You need to research 6 secondary sources. Five must be from the library databases, and one may be from the Internet. Be sure your Internet source is a valuable support source for your argument.Your sources must be from 6 different journals, books, and websites.
Each source citation should contain the following:

Proper MLA citation (8 pts. each source for a total of 48 pts.)

Brief (2 sentences) summary of the article (3 pts. each source for a total of 18 pts.)

Brief (2 sentences) comment on the usefulness of the source to your argument (3 pts. each source for a total of 18 pts.)

Proper headings, page numbers, margins, and title (16 pts.)

Sources should be no older than 2015.


Your title must include the paper title and the following words:


Example: Prison Reform: An Annotated Bibliography


After each citation provide a 2-sentence summary of the source content and a 2-sentence summary of its usefulness to your project.