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Choose a Spanish speaking country. You will work individually to research this country’s geography, culture and points of interest. Think of this project as a “survey” of the country and culture where you are reporting on several aspects. These should be informative and interesting but will by no means be comprehensive on each topic. Do not include in text citations. However, do report on the topic(s) in your own words based on what you have researched. Create a slideshow that communicates your research in the areas listed below. The slideshow must be accurate, culturally appropriate, informative, and professional in design with many images to represent the points made in the presentation. Spelling and correct grammar count! This part of the project will be presented in English, but feel free to add anything in Spanish that we have learned in class or that may be appropriate to present to the class. Please include at least five sources on the last slide. 1. Introduction Include a map and talk about the capital, the population, major cities, the government, the economy and briefly about some historical facts such as when the country gained independence, etc. 2. Languages & Demographics What types of diversity exist in the country? Which ethnicities are represented? Are languages other than Spanish spoken in this country? If so, which language(s) is (are) most predominant? Give a brief overview. 3. Attractions & Points of interest Research two important attractions or points of interest in this Spanish speaking country. Talk about why they are interesting, their cultural significance, what there is to do there, the cost of visiting, and any other tips a traveler should know about. 4. Festivals & Holidays Report about a celebration that is important in the Spanish-speaking country that you chose. Discuss the history of the celebration, how and when it is celebrated, and any traditions associated with the holiday or festival. Talk about a social or religious aspect of the celebration. Include images. 5. The Arts Research significant forms of traditional or modern art, including painting, sculpture, dance, cinema, photography, etc. from the country. This is a broad topic, so feel free to narrow the focus. Include images. 6. Biography of a famous Hispanic person Chronicle the life of a well-known person from the country. This person could be a politician, peacemaker, athlete, author, singer, actor/actress, artist, Nobel Prize winner or other influential person who has made a positive difference in the lives of people of his/her country. It should be someone famous, not infamous, from that country and not a Hispanic American. Describe this person’s accomplishments and talk about how they have made an impact in their country. Include pictures or other helpful imagery to enhance your presentation. 7. Diet & Cuisine Describe the typical/cultural foods of the country. What are common foods? Take into consideration that this might change from region to region. Has the modern diet changed much or do the people tend to maintain their traditional diet? Do they prepare food at home or eat out at restaurants? What are the customs surrounding mealtimes? Include pictures of the dishes and customs you discover. 8. Games and Pastimes Talk about the pastimes, games and/or hobbies of your chosen country. How much leisure time do people have and, if so, how do they spend their free time? With whom so they socialize? What is popular? Has this changed over time or stayed relatively the same? 9. Environment Research the climate and environment of the county. Which animals are native to the country? Do people keep pets and, if so, what types? Are any wildlife endangered? Have animals served a significant role in people’s survival, labor or free time activities? Present any significant environmental issues. 10. Modern Issues & Conclusion What is an important modern issue the people in the country face? Talk briefly about this issue and then conclude your presentation. 11. Final slide: Sources Please include at least five sound sources of information. You should cross check your facts and only use sources that provide authentic information. Failure to use proper resources will potentially result in zero credit. For this project, you may simply include the link to your source and make sure that they are working links. In addition, all plagiarism rules apply. Your work must be your own to be considered for credit.