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Persuasive Essay Topic


Homeschooling For or against What background someone should need to homeschool Should homeschooling be allowed

This paper is to be researched as to best supply evidence for your proposition. You MUST have at least three to five sources that you use information from. Please feel free to use as many more as you feel is necessary to completely prove your point.

Layout Your paper is to be 4 to 8 typed pages long. Please strive to be in this length. Do not write less than 4 pages or more than 8 pages. Your final copy of your paper is to include a title page that includes: a title for your essay, your name, the type of paper, the date you turn it in, and the class (ENG 131-01). You must also underline your thesis statement. Your paper must also include a Works Cited page in MLA format that lists all of your sources. This is to be the last page of your essay. This page does NOT count as one of your 4 to 8 pages. Since you are using other people’s ideas, please document your paper well using MLA format to avoid plagiarism. Look at the green section in your Little Seagull Handbook for info on MLA formatting. You MUST have at least 3 – 5 outside sources. At least 2 of them must be from the databases found through HFC’s website. Layout Your final copy of this essay is to be typed with the following guidelines: • Double Spaced • Times New Roman, 12-point font • 1-inch margins all around Due Dates Your essay is due on April 10  This must be turned in as a Word document.