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In this activity, you will make your final topic selection and write a research question that is clear, relevant, and focused. Your research question will evolve as you progress through the course, so what you write now is not final. You will then attempt to look at your historical topic from a different person’s perspective. Use the provided HIS 100 Module Two Activity Research Question Template Word Document to complete this assignment.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Write a clear, relevant, and focused research question about the topic you have selected.
    • Refer to the module overview and resources for helpful information about writing effective research questions.
  • Explain how another person’s beliefs, assumptions, and values may lead that person to create a different question than you.


HIS 100 Module Two Activity Template: Historical Research Question


This activity is your last chance to choose a topic. Topic changes may be based on your research or instructor feedback. Then write a historical research question that addresses an aspect of your finalized topic. Replace the bracketed text below with your responses.


Non-graded portion:

  • List your historical research topic here:

o    [Insert text.]


Graded portion:

  • Write a clear, relevant, and focused research question about your finalized topic.

o   [Insert text.]


  • Explain how another person’s beliefs, assumptions, and values may lead that person to create a different question than you.

o   [Insert text.]