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historical evidence and analysis,

2000 words use 5 sources and The essay should provide a clear expression of the thesis argument, supported by appropriate
historical evidence and analysis, presented in a logically structured and well written essay with an appropriate scholarly apparatus of citation and bibliography. 1. Introduction: (concise) Background to Subject: what, where, when, who and WHY Clear Statement of Thesis Argument Statement of Intent: guide the reader’s expectations as to what will follow 2. Body Paragraphs — containing ANALYSIS and EVIDENCE each paragraph contains one idea/argument: no run-on paragraphs the paragraph has a subject sentence there is a logical transition from one paragraph to the next 3. Conclusion: Confirms and reinforces the thesis argument for the reader (very) Brief summation of your arguments Can often be short, sharp and punchy: you have already made your arguments, don’t restate them at length 4. Footnotes/References: (see Mary Lynn Rampolla, A Pocket Guide to Writing in History) Footnotes or references are clear and consistent, follow accepted academic conventions Identify for the reader author, title, publication details and page reference 5. Bibliography: (see Mary Lynn Rampolla, A Pocket Guide to Writing in History D13.R295 2018) Arranged alphabetically by author Identifies for the reader author, title, and publication details 6. Title Page: at front of paper Includes your name States the question to be answered or title of the paper Identifies the history course, and the date of submission