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Healthy Harvest and Maintenance Plan

Joan’s team at Healthy Harvest is ready to review how to implement and maintain the new online store app. Prepare an implementation and maintenance plan for the new Healthy Harvest app.

Recommended Strategy for Phases of Implementation

  1. Integration:


  1. Testing:


  1. Verification:


Documentation Requirements

  1. Systems Operation Documentation (Document how the system should be used):


  1. Systems Training (Explain what types of training is needed and how it can be structured):


  1. User Support (Outline user support needs and strategy):



Maintenance Recommendations

  1. Alternative Organizational Structures:


  1. Quality Measurement (Explain how the system should run optimally, and what quality measurements should be used to determine its performance):


  1. Change Request Processes (How should system changes and updates be communicated?):


  1. Configuration Management (How should configuration management be handled?):