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Rhonda Sims is a medical administrative assistant with Peony Physicians Group. She has been asked to develop COVID-19 continuing education materials for a community service project that the office will conduct at the local shopping mall. She is assigned to locate the most current information, design and develop the materials for distribution, and include marketing materials for the event and the office.

As Allied health professionals responsible for assisting in presenting valid information to our community. What websites would you use to attain the information for your COVID-19 continuing education materials? What information would you want to highlight and include in your marketing materials?

Create a brief informational flyer as marketing material for this COVID-19 continuing education community service project. Make your submission brief, informative, and visually appealing. Include your flyer in your discussion.

In your initial post:

The initial post should include two reputable websites to research and gather information. First, explain why the site was chosen to provide information for the marketing materials. Then, explain what information from the sites is essential and should be highlighted in the marketing materials. Next, complete an informational flyer that includes the educational information researched from the reputable site, the name of the physician’s group hosting the community service project, and a date, time, and location of the students choosing for the shopping mall event. Finally, upload the completed flyer for classmates to review and critique.