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OVERVIEWHealth Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) exist in many parts of the United States. Many of these areas are found lacking primary healthcare professionals in several types of careers such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and mental health. However, as a specific career, nursing has experienced the most significant shortage nationwide. Research and understand the reasons behind the nursing shortage and how it impacts patient care. This knowledge will help health professionals, administrators, educators, and policy makers create strategies to increase nurses in the field and improve healthcare practices in the process, thereby affecting patient care.INSTRUCTIONS–  Format the paper in question and answer style. Each question should be answered with a 5–8 sentence paragraph.–  Use APA formatting guidelines to provide in-text citations and a reference page. –  Cite and reference at least two sources o Acceptable sources: textbook, credible websites of health or professional organizations, scholarly articlesResearch and answer the following questions:1. What are the major reasons for the nursing shortage? Provide supporting statistics or explanations with each reason you provide.2. What is the impact of the nursing shortage on patient care? Provide supporting statistics or explanations with your answer.3. Discuss 5 current strategies to address the nursing shortage.