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health plans
Seperate the answers please.
1. What value does a gatekeeper provide to a Managed Care Organization?
What are the pros and cons from the members perspective?
2.What are the different ways that Managed Care Organizations pay providers? If you were a provider which way would you prefer to be paid? Why?
3. Is there value in integrated healthcare for the patient and the providers?
1. Compare and contrast fee for service and prepaid health plans. Is one better for the consumer and the provider? Explain.
2. Why has traditional indemnity plans been replaced by other forms of health insurance?
3. Which type of health insurance do you see as the best? Explain you thinking. 
4. What are the specific types of budgets? Explain each one.
5. Define fixed, variable and semi variable. Explain which would you use to control costs? Explain.
6. Why is it important to have accurate medical billing and coding?