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One of the best ways to cement your knowledge of personality psychology is to apply it to a tangible real-world behaviour or phenomenon. With this in mind your task in this assessment item is to write a 2000 word critical essay on –

Introduction – A clear and comprehensive opening to the essay summarises major historical and conceptual issues in the topic. The argument to be presented and its conclusion are summarised briefly, and intentions in the essay are detailed thoroughly. The foregoing are possibly characterised by originality and flair, and a reader is in no doubt whatsoever about what argument is to be pursued in the essay.

Use of relevant Literature – Reference materials used are of high quality and evidence of wide reading through consultation of a range of sources is shown. References include recent publications, and research reviewed is adequate and relevant to the argument.

Quality and consistency of Argument – Some depth of engagement with the literature is demonstrated and evidenced through some dissection and reflection of findings. Reference materials are critically evaluated to provide a compelling argument. Theoretical and empirical perspectives provide a strong support base for the argument, which is sign-posted and cast within a strong, well structured framework. However, sign-posting of the argument could be clearer or theoretical and/or empirical perspectives may need further detail or a stronger and more coherent exposition.

Conclusion – Provide a clear and appropriate summary of the main points of the argument, its logical structure together with supporting and conflicting evidence. Concluding remarks on paths to further research and/or wider implications of the conclusion are articulate, thought provoking with a degree of originality and promise.