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Many organizations when developing their strategic plan, usually consider how to integrate their policies and goals to fit both the internal and external environment. When considering this, they seek the assistance of their human resource department to further achieve the organization’s objectives.

The HR department must be cognizant of the demand and supply organization needs through forecasting.  The department has developed methods to assist them in balancing the workforce and how to rectify surpluses and shortages in the workforce. One area of concern for the department is the movement of employees through many processes and the developing of various methods to overcome them.

It is recognized, that workers have the freedom to move around in the labor market when opportunities present themselves. The trials encountered by employers are that you cannot take away experience employees knowledge and skills. Another is how to retain them in such a competitive environment.

In your discussions, look at all the arising problems employers have to encounter. The employee’s situation and how HR should be proactive in their strategic planning to help retain and maintain their viable workforce.

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