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Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming

This project must be typed. Your paper must be 4–6 pages, covering the questions asked about that particular topic (see section V). The cover page and reference page does not count as one of the pages.  Font: Times New Roman (size 12, double spaced, 1- inch margins).

1)A minimum of five different references is required. Only two of those references may be books. Your Citations identifying the source of your information should be included throughout the report, and on the reference pages at the end of the report. To indicate references, include the name of the author, journal or book name, title of the article, and the date of publication. The references should be used within the report by associating references to a letter or a number.
2)Find at least five sources of information including books, peer reviewed journal articles, publications from professional societies, and government sites such as centers for disease control (CDC), FDA, USDA, EPA, NIH.
Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming
1) Discuss a brief history of global warming. Who first came up with this concept? How fast is the earth heating up? What is causing this heating to occur? Use credible sources as references.
2) Discuss the various gases from man-made sources that are believed to be heating the atmosphere. How have they changed over time?
3) Why do scientists believe the earth is heating up? What field tests are used to determine this heating effect?
4) What is infrared radiation and how is this connected to global warming?
5) How is the Federal government planning and acting to deal with this problem?
6) What is happening with the Antarctic Ice sheets? Could sea levels rise?
7) Is California addressing greenhouse gases? What are they doing?
8) Is this a serious problem in your mind? Discuss this and defend your position using scientific journals, newspaper editorials, government publications etc…