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The paper needs to have an executive summary of one page, a dashboard of one page each for people, planet, and profit considerations.  Also structure the presentation in the same manner. Figures and graphics are encouraged in an Appendix; however, these do not count as part of the core page count.  The paper needs to be formatted as specified in APA 7 guidelines.   Please note that academic sources are required and that in-text citations are used as necessary.  The paper should have the usual structure of thesis statement, body and conclusion.   This is not a summary of technology(ies).  We want to understand the technology but an analysis of the technology(ies) potential for widespread commercialization – exploring its state of development, its potentials and its pitfalls as we have done in most of the chapters.  You need to conclude on what the group learned from the assignment.  The cover sheet should include the given name and family name of every student as well as each student number.