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My Expectations:

  1. I expect your case analysis to be a sales pitch for your ideas. Most executives will not read 20

page proposals. They prefer a bottom-line analysis of key issues; hence, the page limit.

  1. You will be graded on the thoroughness of your analysis, application of strategic tools and

techniques you have learned in class, and clarity, conciseness, and persuasiveness of your

arguments and recommendations.

  1. DO NOT simply restate information from the case. This is not an essay; this is a specific

analysis document.

Suggested Process for Analyzing and Writing Up a Case Analysis:

  1. Read the case for information only. Look at the Exhibits.
  2. Read again, taking notes, especially in the context of the questions (below) assigned to this

case and the strategic literature as a whole that we have studied during the semester.

  1. Do some simple strategic analyses based on the information given in the case and based on the

strategic analytical tools we have studied in class.

  1. List all issues, concerns, areas for improvement, or contradictions that you noted.
  2. Develop any Exhibits you may need to help you support your arguments.
  3. Answer the assigned questions.

After you have analyzed the case based on steps 1 through 6 above, you can now start writing.

First: Write up a rough draft of your ideas and develop exhibits.

Second: Then, edit your ideas, and pay attention to the following: long sentences with too many

adjectives; restatements of the case; multiple sentences that say the same thing; are all

exhibits you developed clearly referred to in the text (e.g., Model 1. illustrates the

critical issues…., or Figure 2. points to key areas of concern…, etc.); too much


Third: Do a quick check: your analysis should clearly present your view of the strategic

issues at hand and your exhibits should support your ideas stated in the written section

of your document.

Grading of the Case Report: Below are some basic guidelines I will use to evaluate your case

analysis (total =100 points):

  1. Executive Summary of Critical Issues (i.e., information from the case is not simply

repeated; identification of key issues) – 25 points

  1. Strategic Analysis (i.e., appropriate application of strategic management concepts &

analysis frameworks from our lectures and assigned class materials) – 25 points

III. Arguments and Recommendations (i.e., quality and support of the arguments presented

when addressing the 3 assigned questions below) – 25 points

  1. Writing (clarity of ideas; clarity of writing; formal writing style as well as correct

grammar, spelling, punctuation) – 25 points


  1. Discuss the circumstances under which Satyam’s fraud was exposed. What do you think were

the reasons for the fraud? Could this fraud have been prevented? (HINT: the failure of the

Maytas deal started to unravel the fraud)

  1. Critically evaluate the corporate governance mechanisms of Satyam. (HINT: consider

ownership structure, board composition, board committees, disclosures and transparency)

  1. Do you think that making industry regulatory changes would help in preventing such fraud?

(HINT: Take a position and provide supporting evidence for your answer.