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All business writing either persuades or informs. Often, business writers are asking for changes they cannot implement themselves. This assignment will give you ACTUAL experience in causing change in another organization. This assignment contains two parts, so read and follow instructions carefully.

  1. Correspondence to Supervisor

Write a brief (200-300 word) note, memo, e-mail, or letter to the supervisor of some person who has provided excellent service for you or for someone else in the last two months. The service you reference must have been “above and beyond the call of duty,” and you must

write to real named people about a real event that really happened in your life.

To: Grace Scott, GM Holiday INN BWI ( Supervisor)

RE: Joey Hall, Front Office Manager ( actual Person)

I Had a problem with my hotel reservation, the call center cancelled them and i wasn’t notified. It was during Covid so the hotel wasn’t at full capacity and they were sold out of what they had. It was a night before I was to leave town so I was staying at the hotel to park there and use the shuttle to the airport. While getting to the hotel around 10 pm to find all this out. Joey was very concerned apologetic with the situation. he relaxed me and my guest while he attempted to see what happened.  The call center canceled the reservation and transferred it to another hotel because it was sold out. They didn’t notify me. joey contact corporate explained the situation. we were able to stay at the original hotel, we actually got a suite, and he gave us complementary parking for the 3 days while gone. He went above because he could have just apologized 

and sent us to the other hotel. He personally made it possible to make sure we were taken care of and allowed us to stay at the hotel.

Your note must request the supervisor to take action to formally recognize the employee’s act. Merely commending the employee yourself is

NOT what is required, as that will merely be posted in the employee’s file and result in an embarrassingly low grade for you. Deliver your

 request to the supervisor.

  1. Memo to Your Instructor

Write a 400-500 word report to your instructor (in business memo format) describing the supervisor’s reaction and other consequences of your request.