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The assignment is to write a journal.

Your weekly journal is expected to address the following questions  in relation to your own

understanding of the lecture:

1. What existing issue or important idea have you reflected on this week?

2. Why is this issue or idea important?

3. What action/s are you going to take to address this?

Your journals must present your own contribution/reflection/impression/understanding of what you have

learned during the lecture.

Think about it from the perspective of your own experience or how it relates to your

main field of study. For example, drawing on last week’s focus you could consider

ideas such as how economic trade or legal structures both support globalisation and

are a by-product of it.

Please write the journal entry based on the notes below if possible. Citations are not essential in journal

entries unless you are actively discussinga published thought/ paper. You should always acknowledge the

source of your information, whether concerning facts or arguments. Follow the APA style format

Global Climate Change

•The most significant global issue today
•Clear scientific consensus
–Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) global reports argue climate change is real and caused by humans
–Groups that are more skeptical include: people who are politically conservative, lack confidence in science, are affiliated with some religions (e.g.Evangelical Protestants)
Effects of climate Change
•Rising Sea Levels
–Temperatures rising faster than expected
–Climate refugees
•Loss of Biodiversity
–Loss of habitats
–Mass extinctions
•Food Security
–Increased water shortages and crop failures
–Conflicts over food availability
•Global Warming and Health
–Excessive heat and heat-related illnesses
–young, ill, and poor less mobile and more vulnerable
–Increased air pollution
–Spread of animals and insects carrying disease (e.g. malaria, Lyme disease)
Other Environmental Problems
•Destruction of Natural Habitats
–Widespread deforestation
–Decline of coral reefs
•Decline of Fish
–Nearly all of world’s fisheries are “fully fished” or “overfished”
–Loss of protein for human consumption