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.Given your understanding of Jesus’ ministry and themes of preaching

Given your understanding of Jesus’ ministry and themes of preaching, what are the main points of the Beatitudes (Chinese translation: 八福) in Matthew 5:1-12. Also compare it with the shorter version found in Luke 6:20-23, and determine what is Jesus’ main focus in these “blessings” sayings.

Please write an essay of approximately 1,500 words, and please submit using the Turnitin link provided below. I’m also including two citation guidelines for those who need it.

Some requirements to pay attention to:


textbook:  the password is “Cookies”:

a. Select a theme, and use what you have read in the selected passages to argue for it.

b. Higher marks can be scored if you use more outside references (i.e. in addition to the Bible, such as Tom’s book or my lecture notes).

c. Citation is required, for example:

Thomas Hatina, “Module Seven: The New Testament Canon”, Introduction to the New Testament, Section 7.2.

Clement Tong, RELS 102 Class PPT Slides, Week 7.

d. Include a small section of your personal thoughts

e. No plagiarism!! (To be submitted through Turnitin)

Feel free to ask me questions regarding the essay, thanks!