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Complete capstone paper: Specifically students will you will complete a six-page paper exploring the characteristic symptoms, prevalence rate, causal factors, and treatment of a specific disorder discussed in the current DSM (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) . Included in your paper will be a review of how to integrate both recovery-oriented and Christian principles into treatment, as well as cultural considerations with the selected disorder. You may select any disorder within the diagnosis that has not been covered in a previous assignment. You are advised to pick a disorder that has a solid body of literature so as to write a detailed paper.

Overall, the paper will consist of the following sections:

(1) Introduction: the student clearly outlines the diagnosis that will be reviewed, as well as what he or she will accomplish in the paper.

(2) Characteristic Symptoms/Prevalence Rate/Causal Factors (e.g., biological, cultural, social, environmental)/Treatment Disorder:  At least 8 academic references (i.e., textbooks, journal articles) are used beyond the textbook, none of which are websites; the diagnostic symptoms are thoroughly covered; the most current prevalence rates are explored, including those for gender, age, and socioeconomic status; biological, cultural, social, and environmental causes of the disorder are explored; at least three treatment approaches are described, including psychotherapeutic and psychotropic options that have empirical support within the literature.

(3) Recovery-oriented principles: At least three recovery-oriented principles are included that will help clients cope with the diagnosis.

(4) Christian principles: At least two ways are explored that integrate the Christian faith into treatment for the specific disorders, utilizing at least two passages in scripture to support the attempts.

(5) APA style: APA style/formatting is used consistently throughout the paper with minimal to no errors; the Title page is in APA style; articles are cited appropriately in APA style; spelling, grammar, and punctuation are congruent with APA style; the Reference page is consistent with APA style; the paper is at least six pages, above and beyond the Title, Abstract, and References pages.