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Funding and Implementation Plan

Funding human services programs is a critical piece of program design and development. Human services leaders need to make important decisions about where they will get the funds needed to successfully operate programs. In addition to a funding plan, human services programs need a business plan with a timeline or phases of implementation.

Please respond to the following:

  • Briefly discuss where you propose to seek funding resources to initiate your program and sustain its operation. Name at least two private or public funding sources for your program.
  • Provide a concise “action plan” to implement your program that articulates priorities, timelines, and accountability. Be sure to discuss contingency plans and “next steps” needed to implement the program.
  • Identify at least two projected outcomes/results for your program. How could availability of funding resources affect these projected results and the success of your program?
Attached is a powerpoint of my program for informational puposes.