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Topic: Formulate a strategic plan to improve competitive advantage within target markets
Pages and Word Count: 14 pages (3,850 words)
If additional 1-3 pages are needed, please contact me to add funds.
Reference: >3 total. (three peer-reviewed, academic research resources no older than 10 years.)
APA7. (If using image/charts/diagram, please note and cite them correctly per APA7.)


As the General Manager of the Turul Winery, you developed a strategic plan for expansion into domestic and international markets. The owner of the Turul Winery provided feedback on your strategic plan, but predominantly agreed with your overall direction you proposed for the business. Now it’s time to implement the strategy. Choose either the DOMESTIC or INTERNATIONAL expansion strategy you created, and develop a strategic implementation action plan.

It’s going to require enthusiastic cooperation and a great deal of work from your staff if you’re going to implement a successful strategy. This strategic implementation plan will be addressed to the TURUL WINERY STAFF. It must be enthusiastic, concise and straightforward. However, it must be detailed enough to synergize your team.

You will present this strategic implementation plan to the staff of the Turul Winery within a week’s time. Use the following criteria to develop your strategic implementation plan with an embedded action plan to direct the staff on how to carry out the work necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of the approved strategic plan.

In this assignment, you will develop a narrated PowerPoint® presentation to deliver a Strategy Implementation Plan with an embedded action plan to direct the staff of the Turul Winery to carry out a strategy for expansion into domestic and international markets.

Strategy Implementation Presentation
Design a professional title slide.
Format and build a Table of Contents.
Use a consistent and professional presentation design throughout the PowerPoint.

WORD DOC or PPT are both fine.

Slide 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
3-5 bullet points for each slide.
Speaker Notes Needed.
Word Count 200- 250 200- 250 200- 250 175-200 175-200 175-200 200- 250 200- 250 200- 250 200- 250 175-200 175-200 175-200 175-200 175-200 175-200 175-200 175-200 175-200 Ref.


Slide 1: Introduction & Scope of Work (250 words.)
Describe the characteristics of a successful strategy implementation.
Explain the format of your strategy implementation action plan.

Slide 2, 3: [Expansion Idea, Strategic Goal, and Incentives] (400-500 words.)
Present the chosen expansion idea and the strategic goals and objectives.
Present the chosen domestic or international market, including the target marketing details.
Explain the use of incentives and rewards that encourage superior performance in reaching the identified strategic goals and objectives through the successful execution of strategic initiatives.

Slide 4, 5, 6: [Balanced Scorecard Methodology] (500-600 words.)
Explain how the Balanced Scorecard methodology will be used as a tool to implement the strategy.
Develop a Balanced Scorecard strategy map to outline specific details about the strategy as it pertains to the topic of each quadrant.
Provide information in a minimum of THREE (3) bullet points in each quadrant of the Balanced Scorecard strategy map.

Slide 7, 8: [Strategic Initiatives] (400-500 words.)
Develop measurable strategic initiatives to work toward the achievement of strategic goals and objectives.
Write a broad statement of what is to be accomplished in relation to each identified strategic initiative. Be specific.
Indicate how the accomplishment of each strategic initiative is monitored and measured.

Slide 9, 10: [Key performance Indicators] (400-500 words.)
Explain how Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are used as a tool to implement strategy.
Construct a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tree to illustrate a path to success for strategic goals and objectives.
Explain the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tree is used to measure success completion of strategic goals, objectives, and initiatives.

Slide 11, 12, 13: [Systems, Resources, & Accountability] (500-600 words.)
Determine the systems needed to implement each task in a strategy.
Determine the allocation of resources (financial, labor, capital assets, time, supplies, etc.) necessary to implement each task in a strategy.
Determine what employees will be assigned and be held accountable for the execution of each goal, objective, and strategic initiative.

Slide 14, 15, 16: [Timeline] (500-600 words.)
Illustrate a timeline for the completion of each goal (strategic, stretch, & financial), objective, and strategic initiative for the chosen domestic or international strategy implementation.
The timeline should consist of no more than FIVE (5) phases of action.
Assign a creative title to each phase of the timeline.
Concisely explain each phase of the timeline.

Slide 17, 18, 19: [Phase One of Action Plan] (500-600 words.)
Develop actions (work effort) for all employees that are supportive of the organizational structure within phase 1 of the action plan.
Identify by job title, the employees that are accountable for the success of each strategic initiative.
Explain the process for decision-making and approvals
Identify who monitors progress and how progress is monitored.
Develop a process for making adjustments to continuously improve the implementation of the strategy.

Slide 20: Reference (>3 total. (three peer-reviewed, no more than 10 years.)