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Fire prevention investment report

Using the attached unit lesson for reference, put together a report highlighting the impact and return on investment the fire prevention division has on the safety of the  Dallas, Texas, community. The report is to be written from the perspective of a fire marshal.

The report must begin with a summary of the fire prevention division activities in the organization.

The subsequent paragraphs must include the following elements:

  • Explain the rationale and benefit of inspection and code enforcement policies and general fire safety provisions as methods of fire protection.
  • Examine the interrelationship of regulatory practices in fire prevention by identifying how inspection and code enforcement activities tie into the success of public education programs, plans review, and fire investigations on community resilience.
  • Discuss the importance of general fire safety provisions for occupied buildings, including fire suppression systems, and characteristics of unsafe structures in the community.
  • Identify the short-term and long-term benefits to the community through investments, including the practice of fire-resistant materials.
  • Provide an overview of the fire prevention division and activities, including professional development process for code enforcement practitioners.
  • Provide some background demographics of the community related to the project (i.e., common occupancies, high call volume areas, types of calls, fire activity, etc.), including the building code development and modification process.
  • Identify the benefits of inspection and code enforcement for the community and the organization versus the cost of performance.

Your essay must be four pages in length and contain four references. The Crawford, (2010, June 28) reference listed below and attached must be used, but the other three are of your choosing.


Crawford, J. (2010, June 28). National strategies for fire loss prevention [Symposium]. Model Prevention Program Symposium, Vancouver, WA.

Love, M., & Robertson, J. (2015). Robertson’s introduction to fire prevention (8th ed.). Pearson.