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Find an example of “Service Blueprint”
Minimum 100 words.

This is related to process design, we first browse through many service blueprints found in Google or Bing search. Pick one service blueprint you like and share with us. Please provide your view and the picture or link to the blueprint.

(sample post) Starbucks Service Blueprint

Posted above is the link for Starbucks’┬áService Blueprint. I chose Starbucks because it was interesting to see behind the scenes how their process/procedures were handled from physical evidence, customer actions, onstage contact person, backstage contact person, and support processes. On the surface, Starbucks seems to be a simple operation where you line up, choose from the menu, pay, wait for the order, and then enjoy your purchase, but there is so much more to consider when marketing the brand, setting up the physical location, and accounting for the customers inside/outside the store. It was interesting to see a breakdown of how they established their operations and how a simple breakdown of everything leads to a high-functioning environment.