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Hi, thank you for taking the order! I look forward to seeing your amazing work! While you are writing the essay, please ALWAYS use the following rules:
  1. The instruction file is called “Instrction of the paper”. ALWAYS read every single line in the instructions. Do not miss anything in the instruction, such as the citation format, structure of the essay, or any special requirements
  2. Please go through all the slides I sent to you. Try to use mostly the theories taught in class rather than only using external citations.
  3. Do not just describe and state the fact. You have to have a deep analysis about the issues/cases. Link more to the theories taught.
  4. If you have any doubts or questions, let me know ASAP. Any misalignment can cause low marks in the essay
In order to ensure that orders are completed with high quality, I hope you have the following background:
  1. Your degree is at least “graduate”;
  2. Your major must be “Finance” or “Financial Engineering”. You must have taken a course in “international exchange rates” or “Financial engineering”;