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Using the information from the lecture videos and your study guide, as well as other internet resources.  Answer the following questions with as much detail as possible.  Ensure that each answer submitted has at least 2 sentence(s)Be sure to answer all parts of each question(s) are answered

  1. What should valid file names consist of? (at least 5 items)
  2. What are at least five elements that make file names invalid and explain why?
  3. Discuss what is meant by the term “indexing”?
  4. Is there only one method to create a file system? Why or why not?
  5. Describe the purpose of having file extensions. Is this useful?
  6. During the video presentation, I spoke about the Quick Access Toolbar and its main purpose.  Explain what the Quick Access Toolbar is and the main function of it.  (be descriptive)
  7. Discuss what is meant by the term “file sharing”?
  8. What operations can I perform with the folders and files in File Explorer Window?
  9. How do you think file structure impacts your ability to locate information? (be descriptive)
  10. Explain what is meant by file compression. (be descriptive)