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Fights And Ssuccesses Of  woman

Often Women’s history focuses on the fights and successes of women who overwhelmingly are white and middle class.  We tend to overlook those whose voices are ignored or barren.  These women find themselves forgotten by local, state, and national levels.  Their lives are fraught with violence, endemic poverty, and no social safety net.  Mostly they are women of color.  This discussion is going to look at some of the problems faced by the forgotten women of America.

I was inspired to include this topic because of Taylor Sheridan and movie Wind River and his show Yellowstone.  Sheridan brought national attention to the violence and victimization of Native American women (First Nation women in Canada).  His advocacy helped create a new and valid discussion about these issues.

Another major issue of forgotten women are the millions of Latina women and other women of color who spend their lives working at menial jobs with little pay and no legal protection.  They often work in high risk environments with little regard for their safety.  They are often the victims of sexual harassment and sexual abuse on the job but have no recourse.  They are fearful of their employers, supervisors, and coworkers who exploit their labor and sexuality.  Another issue is the patriarchal system and misogyny that permeates our culture and is even more profound in some ethnic groups.  Machismo, manhood, or whatever you want to call it symbolize the power of men and the disregard for women as human beings.  This disregard allows women to be caste aside, not taken seriously, or marginalized within their own communities and society as a whole.  As a result, laws, economic policies, societal structures and the legal system institutionalize barriers against women. It also fosters the concept of femicide–the killing of girls and women because they are not as valued in society.

Below are sources regarding the concepts of Femicide and Second Sex.  What do you think of these arguments?  (Be sure to discuss these arguments in your posts) How do these ideas affect the  structure of women in society?  Is this a societal problem or a governmental issue?  How do you regulate misogyny  and patriarchy when women are not included in the process?  Is it a systemic system that can’t be erased?  How do you force change?  How do changed 1000’s of years of humanity to recognized that women are an important part?  Femicide: (Links to an external site.)

Simone de Beauvoir:  The Second Sex:

An Introduction to Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex- A Macat Literature Analysis (Links to an external site.)An Introduction to Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex- A Macat Literature Analysis


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ACLU: The Legal System Has Failed Black Girls and Women (Links to an external site.)

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