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This is an MBA level Assignment

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Assignment Instructions:
“Assignment 2:  Supply Chain Innovations Presentation. Each group [is] asked to present a relatively recent and cutting-edge innovation in the field of Supply Chain Management. The topics can be selected by the student teams, in collaboration with the professor. These innovations could be technology-related or strategic in nature, such as new business models and innovative tools and practices.”
You may recall that the presentation for Week #6 contained a slide with some preliminary ideas listed, but teams are not limited to those suggestions!  Once your group has selected its innovation, please email the instructor to let her know which innovation you have chosen, and to get her approval.
Please explain the innovation, how it is innovative, how it has added value, where and how it is used.  Please also discuss challenges this innovation creates for those organizations adopting it.  Please provide specific examples of its use wherever you can, ie. explain how best practice organizations are using the innovation to become more competitive.  Discuss how your innovation relates to the course materials covered to date.  Please be sure to include references.
The presentation should be up to (but no longer than) 15 minutes long, followed by a Q&A (no more than 5 minutes).  All members of the group must contribute equally to the preparation and presentation.  Please be creative!  Presentation will be delivered to the entire class during the first hour of Wednesday night’s class on March 16th.
Please upload your presentation here by 3:00 pm on March 16th……one per group (see your group assignment under the ‘Groups’ tab).