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field internship project
he internship final report consists of three main sections as outlined in this document.
• You are expected to start the report with an Executive summary that:
outlines the purpose of the report
provides the overall structure and the main ideas of the report in general (i.e. by briefly highlighting the main sections of the report and their content

Section 1: Overall Reflection on the Internship Experience (maximum of 1,500 words)

Reflect on your overall internship experience addressing the following topics:

1.1 Internship Organization overview:

In this subsection, you are expected to identify and discuss the following:

a. Overview of the internship organization 
▪ Introduction 
▪ Organizational objectives & values.
▪ What role it plays in the UAE economy / society.
▪ The industry it operates in.
b. Highlight and reflect on any ongoing or recent changes in the organization processes and structure (e.g. due to COVID 19, competition … etc.). Make sure to highlight the impact of these changes as well.
c. Create an organization’s SWOT analysis 
d. Add any additional information you find relevant.
1.2 Linking knowledge to Civic engagement and impact of internship experience:

Discuss how does your discipline (Accounting/Finance/ Economics/…etc.) contributes towards the development of the society.



Section 2: Field Internship Project (2,500 words)

The purpose of this section is to provide detailed discussion of your internship field project applying appropriate critical thinking & problem-solving tools & techniques [you must provide evidence of your work (e.g., use of appropriate tools such as the 5 whys, fishbone analysis, brainstorming, charts, comparison tables…etc.)]

The project’s report must consist of the following three sections: 

2.1 Project topic discussion & Analysis: 

In this part, introduce your project topic and provide analysis by clearly defining the project topic (problem, opportunity, research,or survey), demonstrating the situation’s root causes, highlighting the need to address the situation as well as the potential benefits that may result from addressing the situation. You can organize your analysis according to below points:

• Briefly describe your project idea.
• What are the main aims and objectives of the project?
• Why do you think it is a good idea / project?
• Who are the target beneficiaries of this project?
• What is the importance of your project to the organization or other beneficiaries? (i.e. highlight the needs for the projectand potential impact) 

2.2 Project Execution

Provide a through discussion of project execution by addressingthe following aspects:

1. The possible approaches or solutions that can be adopted to resolve the issue from your or the organization’sperspective, 
2. The criteria you or the organization used to evaluate the alternative solutions
3. The chosen solution to address the situation. 
4. Details of the plan / method you followed or intend to follow to implement your project. 
5. Resources (people, tools, equipment, material…etc.) you need to implement the project. 
6. Difficulties encountered or anticipated while implementing the project.
7. Demonstrate how the chosen solution(s) will benefit the organization. 

*Important Note: If the project was assigned by the organizationyou can start from step # 3

2.3 Results, evaluation, and recommendation 

This section describes the results or the findings of the internship field project. Discuss project’s actual result or anticipated results, link the results of your work to the original problem the project is intended to solve and offer further recommendations as may be necessary. 

Section 3: Evaluation of the Internship Experience (1,000 words)

Provide an overall evaluation of your internship experience. To help you structure your response, you may ask yourself the following questions: 

• Learning: 

What skills and qualifications do you think you have gained from the internship? 

How and to what extent do you think your internship activities were related to your academic /university study? 

• Experience: 

Did the internship meet your expectations?

What kind of responsibilities were you assigned to do during the internship period? 

What were the main challenges/difficulties?

How was the relationship with the internship supervisor and colleagues?

Would you recommend this company for other future interns from CBE?

• Career: 

How do you think the internship will influence your future career plans?

Important Tips:

Do not forget to 

• Properly format the report.
• Start the report with; “Table of Content”, which shows all the sections and subsections of your report. 
• End the report with; “Reference” to include all the sources you referred to.
• Add “Appendix” section where you can include proof of your work such as images, charts, tables…etc.


Include references that you have used


In the appendix, include evidences that showcase your work e.g. images, illustrations, analysis…etc.