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Feasibility, Quality and Documentation

Systems analysts often must help assess the feasibility of a proposed system, which includes consideration of the following types of feasibility.

  • Technical – Is the necessary technology available or obtainable for the system?
  • Operational – Will personnel/users accept and be able to use the system?
  • Economic – Will the benefits outweigh the costs of the system?


Focusing on the current sprint for the Course Materials Exchange Service, where the Create Membership use case will be implemented, please answer the following questions.  Your answers will appear in your Requirements Specification (see template below).

  1. What technology is required? (i.e. specific hardware, software, etc.)
  2. Which three quality attributes listed in Table 14-1 Some software quality attributes on page 289 [Kindle Location 6626] do you feel will be the most important for ensuring user acceptance and usage of this portion of the system? Write an acceptance test for each of the three you choose.  Of course, many more than three quality attributes / acceptance tests may be appropriate, but to keep it simple, you may stop at three for this exercise.  (There is an example acceptance test on the bottom of page 293 [Kindle Location 7487]: “Keyword search of the knowledge base takes less than 5 seconds, and preferably less than 3 seconds, to return a result.”)