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Read the following journal articles:
1.“The Role of Formal Theory in Social Work Research: Formalizing Family Systems Theory”
2.“Social Work the ‘Art of Relationship’: Parents’ Perspectives on an Intensive Family Support Project”
3. Read about the Bowen Family Systems Theory on the Bowen Center website.
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4. View the video “Kenneth Hardy Family Systems Therapy.”
Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following:
1. Describe 3 important components or ideas of the family systems theory you find important from the resources above that you think will be valuable to your practice.
2. Explain the strengths and challenges of using a family systems approach in your field setting referencing the articles in this week’s workshop materials to explain application or challenges at your site.
3. Identify and describe two elements of family systems therapy from the Kenneth Hardy video that will be helpful to you in future practice.
4. Give an example of a family from your field site and how you might apply two or three components of family systems therapy to the situation, taking care to disguise client identities. Be specific, describing what techniques and skills you could use based on the readings and video.