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Family Case Study

Students are responsible for developing a mock family case study based on a mock interview(s).  You will focus on a specific type of family from the list below:

A nuclear family

An alternative family

A remarried (step) family

A single-parent family

A culturally diverse family

  • Paper: A paper (no more than 5 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, APA) summarizing your findings about and an analysis of the family is required.  Use the following information as a guide.

Description of each family member

(names, age, gender, relationship to you, etc.)

Roles, rules, and family myths

Communication patterns

Methods of control and power tactics

Dysfunctional patterns and ways the patterns could be changed to enhance the family’s cohesion/happiness

Healthy functional patterns in the family

Family strengths

Memorable family experiences, struggles