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Information about APA guidelines is found in your text in Chapter 8 and some will be discussed in class, but listed below are some APA rules you should keep in mind while you write (points will be deducted for violations of these rules):

•     the title page, abstract, introduction, references, figure caption, and figure each begin a new page

•     begin the Introduction with the title of the paper, centered at the top of the page – do not type “Introduction”

•     each page must be numbered in the upper right

•     double space the entire paper

•     use 1 inch margins on all pages – the running head and page numbers are included

•     numbers below 10 should be words, 10 or above should be numerals (except when a number begins a sentence or is used as a measurement – use words to begin a sentence OR in the Abstract – use only numbers in the Abstract – use numbers when indicating timing and other measurements)

•     method and results sections should be written in past tense – also use past tense to describe previous research (the research will already be completed when you hand in your paper)